The New York Daily News only needs to look in the mirror to see the face of racism, from New York Daily News

George Zimmerman’s brother launched a shocking, racially charged Twitter rant that won’t do the accused murderer any favors.

Older brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. posted a series of tweets Sunday condemning the media and sounding off on race.

But his tweets have ignited a firestorm after he posted a picture comparing Florida teen Trayvon Martin, whom George Zimmerman is charged with murdering in February 2012, with Georgia teen De’Marquise Elkins, one of two accused of fatally shooting a baby and injuring his mother last week in a botched robbery.

Ok Robert Zimmerman, Jr, older brother of George Zimmerman, evidently believes that young black males are violent and prone to crime.  So how that make Zimmerman any different than New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg?   Well Zimmerman’s activity is constitutionally protected free speech.   Whereas Bloomberg thinks his police should stop and frisk of people of whom Bloomberg does not approve.  In short, Zimmerman is exercising his constitutional rights.   Whereas, Bloomberg does not believe in constitutional rights.

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