Call me an honest thief, I know a good description when I steal one.   Consider this one stolen, from Moving-On-Up:

( read: White ) Klan killed 3,446 American Blacks over an 86 year rampage.

Chocolate Klansmen do more than that every six months!!!!!

Whether you agree with his figures or not, the fact that nearly 3500 American Blacks die at the hands of other American Blacks by mid-year should be noteworthy.

Since there isn’t a White Republican or Caucasian conservative among usual suspects, our Demo-crack addicted community “leaders ” won’t utter a word.

Expect vocal outcry, however, to Mr. King’s choice of Klan attire from these same quarters. It’s okay to slaughter Black people, just don’t insult the Black people doing the slaughtering i their racist rationale.

It took a white attorney general Bobby Kennedy to take on the white Klan. Sadly a chocolate attorney general, Eric Holder, lacks the courage to take on his chocolate brothers