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Snark of the Day: Christopher Dorner Edition

The Snark of the Day from , [1] Jim Treacher, Daily Caller [1]:

Apparently it’s different this time, for some reason. Jared Loughner never so much as uttered Sarah Palin’s name before his shooting spree, whereas Dorner specifically praised Morgan. Yet Morgan bears none of the responsibility he placed on Palin.

Odd, innit?

Hat tip: Rick Moran, American Thinker [2]

Iis now the official Poop on Piers Season   While Chris Dorner is entirely responsible for his criminality, Piers Morgan is responsibility for his own stupidity.   Morgan and been standing on still warm bodies of dead school children to demonize American Patriots.    Morgan established the rules of the game and now he will have to play by his own rules.