From Charlie Spierling, Examiner:

California Police Chief Ken James insisted earlier this month that the idea of a gun as a “defensive weapon” was a “myth.” Speaking at a news conference about gun control with California lawmakers, James explained that he was concerned with the amount of weapons owned by American citizens.

“One issue that always boggles my mind is that the idea that a gun is a defensive weapon,” James said. “That is a myth. A gun is not a defensive weapon.”

James is the Police Chief of Emeryville, California and the Police Chief Association’s Firearms Committee Chairman.

James is also the village idiot.

Reax, Miquel, Gun Free Zone:

When was the last time the Chief did his mandatory drug & alcohol screening? But then again it is California and you are expected to see people this profoundly stupid. Check Colion Noir’s video, he never fails to amuse and deliver some darned common sense.

IF James was right, that guns were not defensive weapons, the White House, banks and CNN would not be protected by armed guards. Further the citizens of Emeryville should demand that James’ disarm his police force.

Then in defense of James, after seeing how the southern California police shot-up southern California in the attempt to apprehend the late Chris Dorner, James may be right. In the hands of the California police, guns are not defensive weapons.

Sarah McKinley may say otherwise.