Okay here’s a couple questions on this Dorner event in the LA basin, now that they’ve apparently burned the guy down…

Did the LAPD exhibit itself as being were concerned for its own institutional safety then the safety of the citizens it was supposed to protect? Seems to me shooting up several different pickups that didn’t even look like Dorner’s Nissan Titan isn’t good police work. LAPD certainly didn’t do it self any favors here.

If the guy was as big a nut case as we have been led to believe, what in the world was he doing in a police uniform? I’ve been listening to the big talker in Los Angeles, KABC, for the last couple of days. One of the points that keeps coming up in discussion out there is that even in his academy days, he was regarded as a fruit loop. He got booted from the military, as well. So, that he managed to make it through those days into a police uniform does not speak well of the hiring and training practices of the LAPD. Did his race and racial targets in LAPD hiring, have anything to do with his not being dropped from that program, for what should have been obvious problems?

By extension, then, comes the question if the hiring practices and policies of the LAPD are that bad, how many other Dorners are still wearing LAPD uniforms? Perhaps quite a few, if we are to believe some of the brutality report we’ve been hearing:.. to say nothing of the varoius people who were detained and whose vehicles were shot up in the process of the Keystone Cops reaction to Dorner.

There are a number of people who were on record as having supported Dorner.  I suggest this is evidence of just how far the insanity in California has spread. That said, LAPD is reaction to all of this added fuel to that particular fire.

I wonder why is so little being said of the manifesto he dropped on facebook? His own writings make him out to be so far left as to make Obama a centrist. Is the press afraid to make out a rabid leftist as the nut case he was? Perhaps this is the difference between right and left in this country. The right calls things the way they are and the left tries to avoid offending the nut cases.

An old friend from school, Linda, points out that the same happening occurred with the Fort Hood shooter. They refused to call that what it was… an act of war  for fear of offending the nut cases. They ignored or glossed over problems for years with that individual as well…


2 Responses to “Dorner: Some Aftermath Questions”

  1. Obama is a centrist. Only people too lazy to read actual policy think different.

    Ironically, they’re at both ends of the spectrum in roughly = #s….

  2. Obama, the supposed centrist, wants to make illegal aliens, legal, and law abiding run guns, illegal.  Obama believes that unborn babies don’t have the right to be born, that born babies don’t have the right to live, that American citizens can be killed by executive department fiat, and the Catholic church needs to provide reproduce heath benefits to her nuns, but that some high school drop out flipping burgers at Mickey D’s deserves a nine dollar per hour wage.  Centrist, my burro.