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Ken I Get Me Some Grits with That Taco?

Our self=proclaimed betters, the politically correct. have deemed it an offense to have and express an opinions, from Gawker [1]:

Taco Cid in West Columbia, South Carolina, is getting some attention this week after a Free Times reporter noticed that employees are made to wear a rather racially charged uniform.


The eatery insists that will serve all patrons irrespective of “race, religion or political views.” However, it offers no apology for its opinion on the matter of undocumented immigration:

To the citizens of Columbia, South Carolina, if you don’t like Taco Cid’s opinion of illegal aliens, don’t eat their.

To illegal aliens everywhere, if you don’t like how you a treated in our country, go back to your country.

As to Taco Cid, I fully endorse their right to express their opinion.