We’ve got people in New York City that are dumpster diving for food. No food no gasoline no electrical power and freezing their back sides off.

Just about 4 years ago candidate Obama was screaming at George W Bush about his response to Katrina. Of course the usual mantra was chanted about how the right was racist and that’s why they didn’t respond as they should to New Orleans.

Yet what is the response to this circumstance?  Save for a photo op with the all too willing Chris Christie of New Jersey, there has been no direct involvement from this White House as regards this tragedy. He continues to campaign as if there is nothing wrong.

I would suggest that were this George W Bush in the White House doing these things, the press would be having a coniption fits 24 by 7 right to election day.

Perhaps the Democrats don’t think that we have a memory as regards the rhetoric a 4 years ago. Or maybe they think if they don’t mention it the whole thing will just go away.

And by the way I already posted these thoughts once last night and it didn’t show up on Facebook. Gee, I wonder why?