Alas, it must be a very poor year.   One Sandra Fluke is a thirty-one year old women, devoid of accomplishment.    She is too stupid to find a local Wal-Mart to purchase cheap birth control, devoid of wit and about as popular on the campaign trail as a hernia,  from WND:

Sandra Fluke nominated for Time Person of Year

‘Apparently unable to figure out how to purchase low-cost birth control’

(LIFENEWS) — She became the face for the pro-abortion movement during the 2012 elections and the laughingstock of pro-lifers for her relentless push to force Americans to pay for her birth control. College student Sandra Fluke has been nominated as a potential Person of the Year by Time Magazine.

Fluke is apparently unable to figure out how to purchase low-cost birth control from places like Target, Wal-Mart or her local pharmacy. Still, Time magazine felt she was qualified enough to include her with legitimate newsmakers and leaders who are significantly more deserving of the award and recognition.

The highly coveted Bitsblog’s end of year awards are fast coming. While I may spend many minutes debating the Snart of the Year, some awards are no brainers. Normally, Fluke would be s shoe-om for Sock Puppet of the Year, how ever Susan Rice has that award nailed downed. Still, I will confer with the editorial board, a/k/a founding blogger, b/k/a resident OTR driver, and will find some award which truly befits Fluke’s rather meager talents.