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Observations on the American Disaster

Some Observations on the American Disaster ;

There are many thoughts that accompany the disaster that has befallen America this day. The prevailing thought, however, comes down to being wary of the tendency for instant analysis, and rather waiting for things to take shape before leaping to some conclusion. As John Cornyn, NRSC chair suggested, “we have a period of reflection and recalibration ahead for the Republican Party.”

Well, no kidding, John.  Man, I tell ya, you ain’t gotta hit that boy over the head with a 2*4 more than 15-20 times before he figures there’s something amiss, huh? I can’t help but think his conclusion will be the GOP needs to tilt left.

Of course, the fact is that’s the reason they lost… that they tilted left trying to reach the mythical “center”. Look, gang,  There’s a right and a wrong and either side may hold either.. but the ground in between the two is always evil, and will be rejected as such.

Longtime readers will recall I’ve been saying for quite some months prior to this election  that the GOP rejection of anything that smacks of real conservatism, was going to doom any elective efforts to failure. … that it would work far better if our candidate didn’t speak  conservatism as a second language. The GOP, because of it’s efforts to block and otherwise silence the Tea Party, share in the blame for this loss, last night.  I’ve been saying all along that the GOP needs to embrace conservatism where it is found… and that includes the Tea Party. They didn’t and that’s at least a part of the reason for this failure.

That said, thoughts of what the future holds, because of this re-election of Obama,  can hardly be avoided. A few of them, in no particular order:

And that last one is the real thing, folks.  The country just shot itself in the head for “free stuff”…. and I wonder if there will be anything to salvage once the voters figure out that it was all an illusion.  At the moment, I have no answer for that one.


And I can’t get over the feeling that somewhere, Cloward and Piven [1] are smiling.

That wiggling mass of opportunistic protoplasm known as Chris Christie will find his career limited to New Jersey state government… And that will be limited now that what New Jersey conservatives are left, have figured out what and who he is.

Addendum II: (DavidL)

WTF over.  President Petty wins re-election, with no plan Dirty Harry Reid ‘rats gain more seats in the Senate.  The House goes more republican, as do the statehouses.  Color me confused.

Exit question, will President Petty some how find a mandate among Big Bird, binders, and bayonets?  Don’t bet on it.