The case of Paula Broadwell is a distraction from The Obama administration’s mishandling of Benghazi. In short, the back alley deals with the administration has the press chasing squirrels.

DavidL puts forward a couple days ago, and correctly, I think, the double standard being applied:

The slut Sandra Fluke was paraded all over the country, and held out as an icon. So why has the Obama administration fired David Petraeus for carnal knowledge with a slut(?)

Why, indeed?

When the left in this country starts talking about morality, you can bet that there is an ulterior motive involved.  That the Party of Bill “You better put some ice on that ” Clinton is worried about someone’s immorality on it’s own sake, strikes me as stretching credulity beyond all recovery. Indeed, given their lack of attention a morality under most situations it is the only way that the subject is going to come up. 

In this case, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that one of the principals involved in testifying before Congress as regards Benghazi is not liked very much by the administration… never has been. The left has been trying to oust the General for years, now. Does anyone, for example, remember back in 2007,  “General betray us “, courtesy of  Now seems a helpful time to attack the General, to discredit or perhaps outright cancel his congressional testimony,  if you’re an administration that’s got more scandal than it can handle. A great distraction.

Granted, that the general opened him self up for this kind of ridicule.  But the specter of someone with his military record and service to this country being ridiculed by the left as an immoral beast, the strikes me as being  singularly monstrous. It also strikes me as being damned convenient.

This administration is desperate to keep its mishandling of Benghazi off the front burner.  The administration has clearly, in Nixonian like fashion…. or perhaps in Soviet style fashion,  been keeping information on Petraeus and other enemies for use at moments of need.  Benghazi and the damage it can cause this administration is certainly one such moment.  I note with interest that the hearings on the Benghazi matter are to recommence this coming week.  and of course the speculation is that the General will not testify as a result of these matters. How very convenient.  The pattern already is that anybody who is supposed to be testifying before the committee is getting their backside on the plane as fast as they can to get out of town.  Hillary Clinton, for example.This too strikes me as an effort in stonewalling the process.

Are we really to believe that with the administration one gavel blow away from being nailed the wall on Benghazi, they’re not going do everything they can  to distract the American people from their misdeeds in the matter?

And where is the press on these matters?

Chasing squirrels, of course.

Or perhaps more correctly, laying down cover fire for the administration.


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