Andres Serraon’s Piss Christ is not art. Whereas art intended to inspire, Serrano’s only intent with Piss Christ was to inflame Christians.   Further, the Obama administration has made  it abundantly clear that is does not recognize any peaceful protest as legitimate.    if a protest sn’t violent, the Obama administration never thinks it ever happened. from Puffington Post::

This Thursday marks the debut of Andres Serrano’s latest show, “Body and Spirit” at Edward Tyler Nahem gallery in New York. On view will be “Piss Christ,” Serrano’s 1987 pièce de résistance that seems to have been causing apoplexy in a number of politicians, religious leaders, and FOX News commenters, who then quickly regained their powers of speech.

On Friday, Rep. Michael Grimm (NY) told FOX News: “I call on President Obama to stand up for America’s values and beliefs and denounce the ‘Piss Christ.'” Gawker was able to sum up the bold request in a headline: “Heathen President Refuses to Condemn Piece of Art From 1987.”

Piss Christ is public property. It was paid for with public tax dollars. President Obama should take back Piss Christ and have it destroyed. If President Obama does not order these co0nmon sense and prudent steps, the Christian community may well become provoked into uncontrollable spontaneous violence.    Remember up to six mortars and rocket propelled grenades are allowed in spontaneous attacked.