So what did it become the job of the White House to become film critics?   From  Josh Gerstien, Poitico:

White House: anti-Islam film ‘truly abhorrent’

A top White House official has blasted as “truly abhorrent” the anti-Islam film which appears to have triggered an outpouring of violence against U.S. diplomatic posts in Egypt and Libya.

Speaking to an international religious freedom conference in Washington Wednesday, Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough endorsed efforts to create “a world where the dignity of all people—and all faiths—is respected.”

From what I have seen on the film, its production values are somewhat south of South Park. So if if you don’t like bad films about Islam, don’t watch them. It is a free country. As such, it the job of the Obama White House to defend constitutional liberties, like Free Speech, and not to criticize them.

If Dim Won, b/k/a Barack Obama is so freeping concerned about the sensitivities of Muslims, he should have have spent the entire democrat convention spiking the “I killed Usama bin Laden” football.