The democrats tried to foist off the rumor  some how Barack Obama was some kind of  world class intellect.   For her part Clarice Feldman shredded this notion in 2009.   Yet some liberals can not comprehend the obvious and continue to cling to the notion that somehow President Fift Seven States is some how intelligent, from one Steven L. Taylor, Outside the Beltwey:

Hinderaker then notes a video (you can see it at the link) wherein Obama makes a reference to “three little words” and then quotes “made in the USA” which, clearly, is not a formulation made of three words.

One suspects, and it doesn’t take much charity to do so, that Obama was thinking “Made in America” as the three words in question, and yet the synonymous phrase “the USA” came out.

I find this kind of stuff increasingly silly and annoying. We are not talking here about an actual inability to count, but rather what amounts to verbal typos. As one who speaks for a living, I make of lot of those (and, likewise, make more than my share of the typed type as well).

from your truly:

Obviously Ms Jarrett has never read any of Clarice Feldman.  Ms Feldman does not so much debate Barack Obama;’s purported intelligence, she destroys the nation that Obama is intelligent, see Clarice, here, here and here.

With the birth certificate issue, there was circumstantial evidence, albeit not proof, that Obama was born in the United State.   However when it comes to the notions, that Obama is an educated and intelligent man, we have little beyond democrat talking points and outright urban legend.

President Fifty Seven States is over fifty.  If he had demonstrated his legendary level of intelligence, there was be some evidence some where.

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