Alas poor Professor Althouse, the blond hair dye finally got to  her.    In an otherwise interesting discussion about the decreasing number of accident motor vehicle deaths and the increasing number of suicide death, the Professor make this bone headed statement, from Althnouse:

Quite apart from that, if car crashes decrease and suicides increase, maybe all that is really happening is that the car crash method of suicide is becoming less popular. That is, previously, some suicides were hidden within the car crash numbers. Suicide numbers will go up if the method used for a suicide makes it crushingly clear it wasn’t an accident. I’ll speculate that guns cause a high proportion of suicides in part for this reason.

Suicide is a choice. A gun is merely a mechanical tool, inherently incapable of exercising any choice.    If you don’t like suicide, then don’t commit it.    In a country which  freely allows a minor child to legally kill her unborn son, I refuse to get worked up over any competent adult exercising his choice.