Eric Florack on September 22nd, 2012

What we have additionally in the case of Obama, this time, is a case of liberals outright lying to us to cover their own backsides. Not only is Obama foreign policy a failure, in much the same way and for the same reasons that Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy was a failure, but now Mr. Obama and his people have been caught flat out lying to the American people in a feeble attempt to cover the failure of their worldview and their foreign policy.

I suggest that if the foreign policy failures themselves were not enough to remove Obama from office as they were in the case of Jimmy Carter, Lying about it certainly should be. 

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davidl on September 22nd, 2012

The so-called work of art, Andrew Serrano’s Piss Christ, is scheduled to be displayed in New York City. Normally I’d suspect this of being a dog and pony show to redeem the Obama administration’s credentials on matters of pertaining to the Christian religion. Alas the Obami are just not that smart. Background, in 1887, the […]

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