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Chicago Values: Fried Chicken Version

Mayor Rahm Emanuel claims to  know “Chicago values”, which somehow seem to exclude the First and Second Amendments.   While Emanuel’s claim to know Chicago values is dubious,  Anne Sorock,  seems to know how to blog, fom Legal Insurrection [1]:

Hat tip: Anne Sorack - Legal Insurrection [2]

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Alderman Joe Moreno of Chicago, who represents a gentrified neighborhood close to the city’s downtown, has used “Aldermanic Privilege” to ban the construction of a Chick-fil-A restaurant because the owner supports traditional marriage based on his Christian faith. Boston Mayor Menino has now admitted he was wrong to suggest he would prevent a Chick-fil-A in downtown Boston.Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that he supported Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno’s decision to ban Chick-fil-A because it doesn’t represent “Chicago Values” and besides, the restaurant would be “empty” because of it.

I wanted to test his proclamation about our denizens’ values. So I went to the downtown Chicago Chick-fil-A restaurant Wednesday at 1:30pm to see just how empty it was. It wasn’t.

Well past the lunch-hour rush, the restaurant was still noticeably crowded. It was also clean, the workers friendly, and while I had to wait to be served, the line moved quickly.

I’ll believe that Chicago politician oppose mixing business and politics, when they close down all the Chicago Starbucks.