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WWFD?  (What Would the Founders Do?)

As most of you know, I spent a fair amount of time in New York City. On that basis I’ve heard an awful lot of discussion lately about Mayor Bloomberg and his intention to ban “sugary drinks” in excess of 16oz. I think we could hardly find a better example of how we’ve lost sight of the values of our founding fathers as regards individual liberty and limited government.

[1]It seems to me that we fought a revolution over government exerting that kind of control on our lives, and on that basis I began to wonder what the reaction of the founders would be to such an edict.

Postulate, for example, a conversation on the matter, between Bloomberg and Thomas Jefferson. My reading of Jefferson seems to suggest that the conversation would likely as not end rather suddenly with a bayonet through the throat of the Mayor.

Jefferson, you see, understood the value of individual liberty and what’s required to maintain it. He knew despots when he saw them. Whereas, of course, Mayor Bloomberg most certainly does not. And the question becomes where does this kind of logical progression of governmental intrusion into our lives, stop? The answer is it does not. Jefferson himself noted that the logical progression for government is growth. He knew how to counter the problem, too…

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Thing is, Bloomberg is hardly alone. How far away from the concept of the founding does our government have to go, before the people react?

Ohh…. and as an aside, we all know Bloomberg to be a RINO. this is yet another example of such. Of what value is allowing Bloomberg to maintain that (R) in front of his name?

I will be writing to these points and others as well for my July 4 post.