Martha Payne is the blog’s Woman of the Day. Nine years old Martha has proven herself be a royal Payne to her school disttrict, from Peter Walker, Guardian(UK)

A nine-year-old Scottish girl who attracted two million readers to a blog documenting her school lunches, consisting of unappealing and unhealthy dishes served up to pupils, has been forced to end the project after the council banned her from taking pictures of the food in school.

Martha Payne, from Argyll, started the blog at the end of April, initially as a writing project with her father. With the permission of teachers she photographed lunches as they arrived on their white plastic trays and gave the contents – generally meagre, often fried – marks out of 10 on a “Food-o-meter” scale for how healthy they were and whether or not she found any stray hairs

Eric, we could use a Scottish blogger.