What me worry!

Self described "Community Organizer"

Stan Greenberg, Erica Seifert and James Carville have a message for Dim Won, a/k/a dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama, from Alexander Burns, Politico:

“These voters are not convinced that we are headed in the right direction. They are living in a new economy – and there is no conceivable recovery in the year ahead that will change the view of the new state of the country. They actually have a very realistic view of the long road back and the struggles of the middle class — and the current narrative about progress just misses the opportunity to connect and point forward,” they write. “While we hear some optimism, this is framed mostly by the sense that this has to be rock bottom.”

Obama manages to keep the race competitive because Mitt Romney is so distrusted by voters, the strategists contend. But if Obama is going to gain traction in the campaign, they continue, he needs to deploy a message “with minimal discussion of the recovery and jobs created and maximal empathy for the challenges people face.”

The voters want to see an economic recovery.  I think it is too late.   All Dim Won has offered, and all that he appears to want to offer, is class warfare.    Demonizing the Koch brother may make for good press.   It neither puts food on the table, nor pays the mortgage.