Or well we could.   What the Obama administration likes to call news, is Dim Won, b/k/a President Barack Obama reading a written statement, having so-called reporters sit there like potted plants and taking no questions.    We could do that.  Can we afford a potted plant.  The plant would be just a capable of asking a question as almost any member of the White House Corespondents Association.

Lots more, William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection:

Exactly why were the reporters there?

Certainly not to take video — television gave us a better recording.

And certainly not to ask questions. That’s why the President stands there, reads a statement, and walks away. It’s not a press conference.

And certainly not to report. What exactly would these reporters be reporting?

That the President read a statement, the text of which was released by the White House Press Office? Duh, even bloggers munching Cheetos in the basement could figure that out.

Hat tip and reax: Karen, the Lonely Conservative.

Oh, the Horrors! A Reporter Asked the President a Question!

I’d accuse the White House reporters of acting like they are dumb, but I am not sure, it is not an act.

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