As a liberal typically defines compassion, it means spending more other people’s money as a favored constituency.   Linda Greenhouse is all upset the the Supreme Court may allow the sovereign state of Arizona to help the federal government enforce immigration law,  Barack Obama and company are not particularly keen on enforcing. from Greenhouse, New York Times:

I found last week’s Supreme Court argument in the Arizona immigration case utterly depressing, and I’ve spent the intervening week puzzling over my reaction. It’s not simply that the federal government seems poised to lose: unlike the appeals court, the justices appear likely to find the heart of Arizona’s mean-spirited “attrition through enforcement” statute, S.B. 1070, permissible under federal law

So t his what passes as constitutional test for Greenhouse, compassion.    It would be expecting too much for Greenhouse to show the least amount of compassion for the circa one million unborn babies, killed in and ripped from,  their mother’s womb.   Apparently the  not yet born are incapable of making a campaign donation to help move America forward.

Greenhouse wants illegals to consume public services and jobs for which they have no right.   If Greenhouse is so darn compassionate, let her state a fund to help send illegals back to home countries.