White House insider Hilary Rosen launches a broad side (pun noted) on traditional women, video:

Hat tip video and reax , Karen, Lonely Conservative.

Let’s hope Rosen continues to be the voice of the Democrats on women’s issues.

I don’t think Ms Rosen qualifies as an expert on women issues.

Michelle notes that Rosen has been a frequent visitor to the White House:

Bottom line: For the last three years, Hilary Rosen has met nearly three dozen times with top Obama communications and political strategists from Valerie Jarrett to David Axelrod to Anita Dunn to Jim Messina to the president himself.

Any notion that her frontal assault on GOP women was an accident or lone wolf move is contradicted by the long paper trail of her intimate working relationship with the White House campaign/media team. The data also puts the disavowals of Messina/Axelrod last night into much-needed perspective.

What Rosen said should hardly be described as an accident

While Michelle notes Rosen political contacts, Jill, Pundit & Pundettte,  notes Rosen’s bizarre life style choices:

It’s not surprising that Ms. Rosen can’t relate to Ann Romney’s experience, but it’s a real leap for the former, a fifty-something lesbian, to assume she can speak for “most American young women.” She certainly doesn’t speak for me, most of the young mothers I know, or for my twenty-something daughters and daughter-in-law.

Oh I love it when women do snark.

Yes Ann Romney was able to say at home to raise her five children   She was fortunate and smart enough to find and marry a man who could provide for her and her family.   In contrast the Obama’s, Barack and Michelle, with two law degrees, could not raise two children on a mere one hundred sixty thousand dollar salary.   How many  American women would just love to be able to put up with scraping by on a mere one hundred sixty-thousand dollars?   Did the Obama’s lack money are the ability to make sound decisions?  I say the  latter.  What say you?

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