They came for my cigarettes — who among you said one word against it? I could ask questions like this all day long and there are no answers.

Why should I care? I’ve got a bagful of nice guitars, and when they take them away from me, then I’ll be in the same leaking kayak with the rest of you, with one signal difference: I always told you they were coming, and almost all of you always thought I was out of my mind.

Well, I wasn’t. I was way ahead of all of you.


Well, you missed one salient point, Billy. Look at the Usenet history if it’s still there, and you will notice I told you in no uncertain terms,…. jeez, near 20 years ago…  that when it came… not if but when… that it was going to come from the left, and  would unquestionably come  in political retaliation.


Who will argue that Obama is not the farthest left president we’ve ever had? And who looking at the case of Gibson vs, say, Martin, that the only difference between them is of the two Gibson leans toward the GOP in their donations?



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