davidl on April 23rd, 2012

I make two utterly fearless political predictions.   One, my next congressman will be a chick    New York Twenty-Five will either be represented by the current representative, the incumbent, eighty-two year old Louise Slaughter, or our current county executive the fifty-seven year old Maggie Brooks.  May the best girl win. Two, if as expected Georgia Four […]

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davidl on April 23rd, 2012

I haven’t had this much fun ridiculing a dog-eating president since the last dog-eating president, who was… Hmm. Let me get back to you on that one. I guess everything Obama does is historic! As for our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors in the Democratic Party who don’t appreciate this one bit, here’s a question: […]

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Eric Florack on April 23rd, 2012

South Plainfield,NJ== I started last night, to get a jump on several things, including a freak snowstorm currently screwing up traffic in western NY. I’ve started cleaning up my truck for the summer. It’s already starting to pay off. It’s already looking pretty good, though with the snow this week, I’ll have some catch up […]

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