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A Ship of Asses

The grounding of the Costa Concordia shows that like  Captain Francesco Schettino our culture is headed in the wrong dirction, from Daily Mail (UK) via Jill, Pundit & Pundette [1]:

Men refused to prioritise women, expectant mothers and children as they pushed themselves forward to escape. Crew ignored their passengers – leaving ‘chefs and waiters’ to help out



Frenchwoman Isabelle Mougin, 38, who is five months pregnant, wept as she described her battle to get off the sinking ship with her husband. Interviewed in hospital, she said the captain refused to let them leave the vessel, even though she pleaded that she was a priority case because of her pregnancy.

Alas, it not a baby, only a choice, non-viable tissue mass.

Reax, Jill:

That woman had some very old-school expectations of “grown men,” it seems. And special treatment for pregnant women? Based on what?

Sadly predictable.

Mere chronological advancement does not equal to progress.   We becoming both more technologically advanced and more culturally backwards.   Like it girls?