There is perhaps no better comparison to what happens with governmental largess, than the seagull.  Rats with wings, they have been called… and for at least this purpose the comparison is fairly accurate.

Consider the similarities between the seagull and the benefactor of monies forcibly removed from taxpayers:

What me worry!

Self described "Community Organizer"

Seagulls have a tendency to stick around where the free food is. So, too, their human counterparts. Hence the collection of seagulls around a local fast food join for example, and the collection of self described victim representatives, and community organizers  and their followers, around the seats of governmental power. It is herewith noted that the human seagulls appear to be the base of our current President, for example.

Seagulls, after the many generations that have been getting their sustenance this way, know how to play this game and play it well. In the process of learning that game, of course, they have also build up a dependency.

Some of the excesses of "Occupy Wall Street" leaking out

If you don’t feed the seagulls, they will  crap on your vehicle or on you… and every once in a while they will crap on you or your vehicle anyway even if you do feed them. It is as if they are are trying to remind us of their status…. and they will be forever reminding you of it. The similarity between these birds and their human counterparts is striking, here, also. As you see.

A few more points to consider. No matter how much you feed the seagulls it is never enough from their point of view. As with their human counterparts. After a while, the bird start acting like it got a right to what you have in your hand. Or, on your plate.

Scavanging seagulls demanding food they think is rightfully theirs

The question becomes becomes, are we dealing with forces of nature, here?

I’m quite sure is it there are those who will take this line of thought to be directed at welfare recipients. They will, therefore, take my line of reasoning as racist. They will argue against the comparison on that ground.

That, however, is utter nonsense. While the list of seagulls would seem on the surface to include some minority groupings, it is not focused on them. The fact is that these rules would seem to apply to every instance of governmental largess, including those but also  businesses chosen as winners by government. For example, “green energy” concerns, and others who we both know will never be off the governmental teat. Unions and their members would seem a close parallel also. And so on, etc.etc.

Now, there are those who have tried to train seagulls. To make them a bit more socially acceptable… sort of like an animal kingdom Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle.  They’ve tried to train seagulls not to crap on everything, for example. Yet the success rate has been less than high.

Seagulls, you see, tend to be a fickle bunch and will float away in search of more free stuff… stuff without any behavioral attachments. Nature, you see, has bred such reactions in them.

Are we dealing, then with a force of nature in both instances? It would certainly seem to explain our lack of success in breeding out the scavengers in both species.

I’m quite sure you can find additions to this list.  You’re invited to comment on them.

But….also….There’s a prediction for the next election hidden here. See if you can find it.

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