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The Ramble for 1/9/12… The Debates Vs Reality; America has been Defeated, And the Enemy is Us; The Result of Liberal Policy:

Carlisle, PA– A quick run down from Rochester last night, and I’ll be headed for the Albany tomorrow. From there, likely back to Rochester, but I don’t know yet.


It’s snowed around Rochester Saturday night/Sunday morning,m and we’re looking at somewhat colder temps. Was nearly 60 on Saturday around home. It’s as I tld my wife… we have a January thaw going with no real winter in front of it, this year. Actually, I don’t mind, because I would have had to drive through all that snow that we didn’t get.  But I can’t get over the feeling that nature usually balances are books, and doesn’t give us a whole bunch of warning about the matter.  I’d take note due in predicting this, but we’re going to end up with a wing-dinger a storm … and soon.