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Sorry for the long time between posting a Ramble, but the internet connectivity is an issue again. It’s frustrating because I don’t understand WHY.  (shrug)

Only one topic, today…. because frankly, it’s all I’ve had time to follow:


  • Iowa:Thanks to Art Smith for adding notes directly from Iowa.  I have a few thoughts of my own.The first being that anyone being shocked at Rick Santorum doing well, there, seems silly to me at least. Iowa voters are values voters and that’s one plkace where a large part of Santorum’s strengths lie.

    Whatever else might be said, Santorum’s nearly beating out Romney at least suggests that there’s problem with Romney in those areas where Santorum has strength. Romney is clearly weak, on family values issues. And regardless of him talking a good game, now, his record is weak as dishwater on most conservative issues.

    I note with great amusement, John McCain’s endorsement of Romney. I called Romney, McCain v2.0. Nice to see McCain himself agrees.While clearly this endorsement was a catered and timed affair… so as to link with Iowa, it seems to me that all it will do is remind the rank and file GOP voters how many of them were disenchanted with McCain… and why. That’s gonna leave a mark.

    As for the also rans… Perry stayed in because Bachman dropped out.

    I suspect Gingrich will do better for the rest of the cycle. Romney’s got him annoyed, and rightly so. You do know, for example, the ACU rates Gingrich’s legislative record at 90%, right? No? Apparently whoever’s running the attack ads…. and I think it’s clearly Romney…. doesn’t want you to know that. Negative cmpaigns do work, but Romney’s folks had best figure out that they have a limited useful lifespan, after which they tend to backfire.

    There’s this, also… Romney, for all of his takent at mudslinging, still hasn’t put togetheer anyhting over 25% of the party…. translated, 75% of the party want someone other than Romney nominated. Where can this possibly go but McCain v 2.0? The raw numbers of voters in Iowa is suggestive of a dedication to the defeat of Obama and his policies. My read is that Obama is the real loser, here. Look, I have been saying for months the field of GOP candidates is far from strong…. but even against these, Obama is in serious, and inescapable trouble. But McCain showed clearly the GOP rank and file won’t be fooled…. they want Obama out but want a real conservative in.


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