Hat tip: Tennessee Mountain WomanPiglet, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of B.J and PIAPS, is out at NBC,from NY Post:

So there was huge anticipation for her Dec. 12 debut. Time wrote, “While it was never going to have the magnitude of the moon landing, the amount of hype leading up to Chelsea Clinton’s debut . . . was akin to one small step for Chelsea, one giant leap for network television.” The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever wrote after it aired, “Either we’re spoiled by TV’s unlimited population of giant personalities or this woman is one of the most boring people of her era.”

Reax,  Ann Althouse:

If you accept a job that you’re not capable of doing, you’re setting yourself up. If the expectations were unrealistic, you should have said no. Don’t compound your failure as a journalist with a display of character failure. You’re a Clinton, and that brings some advantages, but there’s also the disadvantage that whatever you do may resonate with the wrong Clinton characteristics.

What character does the good professor expect from Arkansas trash?   Maybe Keith Overbite will put good word in for her at Currente?

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