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    • Voting rights:

      Over at questions and observations, Bruce McQuain in his usual take no prisoners style … which, frankly I’ve always admired, proceeds to blow up the Liberal argument surroundingthevoting rights act in south Carolina.

      Bruce McQuain

      If you write a check, buy liquor or any of a myriad of different transactions throughout the year, you are asked or required to produce a valid state issued ID.  Does that adversely effect the ability of minorities to write checks or buy alcohol?  Then there’s driving.  No license, no driving.

      Quite so. there’s only one reason that Eric Holder in his happy little band of socialist minions is chasing this particular ghost.  They are black racists, seeking to ensure a socialist future. As Bruce says, this is….


      …The same DoJ that refused to prosecute the voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers documented on video in Philadelphia in the 2008.

      This is also the same White House that just a while ago announced that it was going to try and win the election without white working middle class voters. Gee, how do you suppose they’re going to be able to do that without employing voter fraud, which voting without ID’ing the voter, implicitly allows? Oh, by the way… Texas is next..

      Wait and see.



    • Lugar blames the only group really trying to save the party: 

      more proof that Dick Lugar is an idiot.

      The  One who is totally dedicated to the establishment GOP, and not to the rank and file.  He blames the tea party for killing off efforts at a republican majority.  What he doesn’t understand is the majority of the people don’t give a damn about the GOP being a majority,  if they are not conservative

      Lugar certainly falls into that description. Which is why his attempts at the presidency have repeatedly failed.  He hasn’t gotten that message yet.  That’s why his Indiana seat is in jeopardy.  He’s been far too accommodating over the years to the left.  It’s to the point now where his positions are hardly distinguishable from that of his Democrat opponent.  Like most of the GOP establishment, Lugar still can’t figure out why the democrats don’t like him very much despite all the bending over forward that they’ve done, accommodatingthe left. The voters in his district are rebelling, and Lugar is confused.   Remember, gang, Lugar is one who voted against the moratorium on Earmarks

      Anyone doing that is not conservative. Period, end of comment.  That’s one example of many with Lugar.  It’s time that Lugar was replaced with a conservative in possession of an actual spine.


    • Substantial penalty for early withdrawal:

      I said in several places, possibly even here, when Obama announced our pull out of Iraq, that the war itself wasn’t over, it’s just that Obama walked away from it just in time forthe election.  Jennifer Rubin, who I’ve had disagreements with lately as regards Romney, who she apparently supports, for indecipherable reasons, actually hits this one out of thepark :

      Jenifer Rubin

      President Obama missed the boat on tax reform. He put politics above entitlement reform. He worsened already-tense relations with Israel. But the worst error, in large part becauseit was both avoidable and is not irreversible, was to pull all troops out of Iraq.Peter Wehner writes:


      We’re seeing a dramatic resurgence of sectarian and ethnic divisions. And the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, issued a warrant for the arrest of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, a Sunni leader who has since fled to the autonomous northern Kurdish region. (Maliki has ordered the Kurds to “hand over” Hashemi or face “problems.”) This is precisely why U.S. commanders recommended we maintain a residual American force of 15,000 to 18,000, in order to keep violence down, ethnic divisions in check, and Maliki in line. But President Obama thought he knew better, and now we have no U.S. presence in Iraq to speak of. . . .



      What is happening in Iraq is sickening, in part because the gains came at such a high cost and in part because what is happening there was so avoidable. Obama was handed a war thatwas largely won. What America had given to Iraq is what the Arab scholar Fouad Ajami called “the foreigner’s gift.” But Iraq being Iraq, maintaining an American troop presence there, separate from engaging in combat operations, was necessary if Iraq was ever to become whole again. President Obama has undone much of what had been achieved there, almost in theblink of an eye. And when the history of his administration is written, it increasingly looks as if he will be fairly judged to have been the man who lost Iraq.

      It is inconceivable that President Obama would reintroduce troops or that other countries would step up to the plate in the wake of the U.S. departure. And whatever advice or counsel we now dispense has very chance of being heeded. We have no leverage.

      Indeed. And here it is; What were you doing in 1975? I was watching a California Liberal Declaring a victory, and pulling out just in time for an election. I warned, back when we entered Iraq, that we were going to have to have the testicular mass to see this through, regardless of how long it took.  And I predicted it was going to take far longer than ten years.  Not doing so, I warned, would actually have the effect of making it worse.  That path was guaranteed, and forced upon us, by the election of Obama in 2008. I suggested thatpoint our position in Iraq, turned soft, as our government with its new leadership decided to play the negotiation game.

      Consider the contrast. WWI ended with negotiation. That negotiation led us directly into world war two. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. WWII, meanwhile, was a little different. We won that, by decisive victory on the battlefield. Complete domination. That, in turn, resulted in Germany and Japan being among our strongest Allies.

      The negotiation with the Soviets, meanwhile, resulted in millions of people being enslaved, and killed outright by their own government, and millions more as the communist influence expanded into places like north Korea since it too was the result of negotiation. As was, to complete the circle, Vietnam. Those who don’t learn from history, tend to vote for those who force us into repeating it. Obama was handed a victory and by his choice turned it into a defeat. We’re going to be paying for this for a long while.


    • Steyn gets it:


      Mark Steyn

      On this Christmas Eve, one of the great unreported stories throughout what we used to call Christendom is the persecution of Christians around the world. In Egypt, the ‘Arab Spring’ is going so swimmingly that Copts are already fleeing Egypt and, for those Christians that remain, Midnight Mass has to be held in the daylight for security reasons. In Iraq, midnight services have been canceled entirely for fear of bloodshed, part of the remorseless de-Christianizing that has been going on, quite shamefully, under an American imperium. Not merely the media but Christian leaders in the west seem to be embarrassed by behavior that doesn’t conform to their dimwitted sappiness about ‘Facebook Revolutions’.

      Indeed. And what of Nigeria?

      And Egypt, as well

      … Here again, is the result of negotiation instead of victory.


    • Seeing the lights:

      IBD says


      The EPA thinks it’s worth spending billions of dollars each year to reduce already minuscule amounts of mercury in the outside air. So why is it trying to shove mercury-laced fluorescent bulbs into everyone’s homes?

      I have said it for years….It’s a combination of factors, including the desire for a power, and the desire to screw up the American economy. Thereby, America itself. A these are the kinds of legislation that you’re going to continually have so long as we have people in power that think that every minuscule problem that comes along can be solved simply by creating a law. That government is the center of the universe, and is the solution to every problem rather than being the problem itself.


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