Steven L. Taylor, Outside the Beltwy:

Hat tip: Syllable Soup

First, why get all bent out of shape over an initiative to encourage healthier eating (and this isn’t the first time this has come up)? It is not as if we are talking about some sort of authoritarian push to shut down fast food joints and to force us to eat our veggies. Obama’s health food initiative is pretty typical First Lady fare and the notion that the White House would try to plug physical fitness is both bipartisan and time-honored.

Second, why attack someone’s physical appearance? Further, it strikes me as a bit sexist for a male to specifically go after a woman’s rear end

So how does FLOTUS (Fat Lady of the United States) get to pass herself as if she were some sort of authority on diet and fitness?    Either Moochelle’a plan for diet and fitness does not work, or she does not follow her own plan?   Which one is it?


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