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Reax, Karen the Lonely Conservative:

Tina Brown: Obama Doesn’t Like His Job, Doesn’t Know How to Exercise Power

Ace of Spades calls this the one Morning Joe transcript worth a few minutes of your time. Head over there for the pertinent parts. Or kick back and and enjoy the video below of liberal Tina Brown explaining how the “professorial” President Obama doesn’t like his job and has no clue how to exercise power. NewsBusters points out she’s not the first liberal to take notice.

I submit that the entire Morning Joe premise is wrong.  The MJ gang assumes the narrative was true, that Dumbo, b/k/a Barack Obama had some unique transcending talent, and for some reason, failed to utilize his talent a president.      My premise is much simpler,   I assert that Dumbo is,  snd has always been, a moron, and lazy to boot.   Prove me wrong.

For once Brown is not totally out to lunch. It not that Dumbo does not like his present job, to Wit President of the United States. Dumbo does not like any job.  There are two requirements for success. One is innate ability and the second is hard work. Obama has never demonstrated that he has any particular innate ability, nor any desire to work.

Dumbo has never applied himself to any of his various day jobs. He was a the editor of the Harvard Law Review, who never wrote any articles. A lawyer do did not try cases. a writer, with writer’s block, A state Senator who voted present, and a president noted for taking vacations and playing golf.

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