Whoopie Goldberg and the girls of the View are  heartbroken over the death of Kim Jung Il.   Goldberg admits that socialism has utterly failed everywhere it has been tried, but continues to hold out hope, via Karen, the Lonely Conservative:

No, it doesn’t matter. Because, you know, if you say that this is how our culture is and then you send your child to a Swiss boarding school- You know, this is what happens with communism. It’s a great concept. On paper it makes perfect sense. But once you put a human being in power, it shifts. We saw it in Russia, we’ve seen it all around the world. It’s nuts. But, I keep my fingers crossed.

The late Dr. Milton Friedman utterly destroys Goldberg, and he did so in 1979, video:

Socialism requires unselfish leaders and as Dr. Friedman points out, they simply do not exist. Please nobody tell Whoopie.

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