Hat tip: Tennessee Mountain WomanDaughter like Mother. Just as Chelsea Clinton’s mother thought sleeping in the residential wing of the White House somehow qualified her to run the executive wing, Clinton thinks being endowed with a famous name, her father’s nose and her mother personality, or lack thereof, gives her qualifications as broadcast journalist, from an under impressed Washington Post:

It’s no surprise whatsoever that Chelsea Clinton didn’t electrify broadcast journalism with her debut Monday night on NBC’s “Rock Center With Brian Williams,” because she has no experience in broadcast journalism. She didn’t cut her teeth with live coverage of strip-mall blazes in Sacramento. She never did weekend weather in Wichita Falls. She didn’t blow the lid off mail-order ham scams in Des Moines. (Who — besides everyone working in TV news who did each and every one of those things — says you have to do all that?)

Rather, what was surprising to see on Monday night’s show is how someone can be on TV in such a prominent way and, in her big moment, display so very little charisma — none at all. Either we’re spoiled by TV’s unlimited population of giant personalities or this woman is one of the most boring people of her era.

Hat tip and reax:   Bryan Preston, PJ Media:

Brutal, but accurate, even if it comes with a dose of jealousy. Clinton is a noob, and it shows. Her vocal quality is poor, her voice-over has no zip or personality, and she says nothing interesting or surprising during the taped or couch segments. She is very forgettable. Name her “Chelsea Johnson” and she might get an on-air slot in Tyler, TX. If there’s an opening and the station is a little desperate. Freshman level broadcasting classes could fix some of this, but she never took those classes.


NBC hired her for two reasons: Having a Clinton on the marquee brings in eyeballs just for the gawk factor (and generates blog reviews that 99% of reporters will never generate), and to help season her for her eventual political life. She’ll run for office. Getting used to being on TV and delivering a focused message is part of her training for that. And when she runs, unless the relationship sours NBC will have the most access to her. Win win

Chelsea Clinton a demonstration that you can take the trash out of Arkansas, but you can’t take the trash out of a Clinton.    Bad news for Miss Clinton, there may be no faster way to kill her wannabe political career, than for her would be voters to actually see, and hear her.

Hat tip image:   Tennessee Mountain Woman

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