Clarice Feldman quits her day job to write a new adult drama, from American Thinker:

The story’s about Buffy, a tanning studio worker who loses her position as a result of the administration tax on tanning operations. She’s kind of a klutz so the only other jobs she can find when the soap opera begins — working in an exercise studio or waitressing are out of the question. In the first episode she trips on the Pilates equipment and some barbells fall and knock her out . Understandably, the owner is afraid of his increased insurance tab should he hire her to work there, and she doesn’t get the position. At the restaurant, she fares no better. On her first probationary day, she trips again and spills platters of pasta primavera all over a table of thirty something lawyers all dressed in their best navy pinstripes. You can imagine he owner’s cleaning bill! And then , too, they were muttering about collateral damages, about how this would cause them to lose a million dollar account or something.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.

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