The jerk o the day, Bill Johnson, from

Bill Johnson, a former top state official who made a failed bid for governor in 2010, has been living a secret life in New Zealand as a sperm donor for lesbian couples, a New Zealand newspaper reported today.

Johnson, a Republican from Prattville, has spent much of the past year in Christchurch, New Zealand, as a contractor working on the recovery effort from a deadly earthquake that struck the city in February.

The New Zealand Herald reported in its Sunday edition that Johnson, who is married, has been using an alias to meet women who want help getting pregnant. The newspaper said it confirmed at least nine women had received sperm donations from Johnson, and at least three were pregnant.

It is long post time to stop providing live sperm to unmarried women.   No moral man, or women,  should be willing concieve a child who will never know who his, or her father is.     Johnson may  have breed his bastards in New Zealand, but sin does not stop at the national border.    Right, now Johnson has fatherws three bastards with a potential of six more.    Bow many bastards will be enough to sate Johnson’s lust?

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