Hans Villarica, Atlantic:

New research shows that liquor consumption affects a person’s intention to have unprotected sex, one of the leading causes of HIV infection

PROBLEM: Alcohol consumption has long been implicated in the incidence of unsafe sex, the leading cause of HIV infection. It’s been unclear, however, if inebriation is the sole cause of this behavior or if personality traits are behind both liquor consumption and risky sex.

METHODOLOGY: Investigators in the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Canada, conducted a meta-analysis of 12 experiments that tested the cause-and-effect relationship between alcohol consumption and the intention to engage in unsafe sex. In these experiments, the researchers randomly allocated the participants to a drinking group or a sober group, and measured their intention to have sex without a condom.


  • There are no unsafe sexual acts.   There are only unsafe sexual partners.
  • No condom can magically convert an unsafe sexual partner into a safe one.
  • The effect of alcohol is not to heighten one’s intent but to rather lower their inhibitions.    The desire for sex is always it.   What alcohol consumption does it lower a person’s restraint.

It does seem that all girls’ look better at last call.


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