Has anybody ever called Robert Reich smart?    I never have.   To prove  that Reich is two all beef patties short of  a quarter pounder, consider this Reich idiocy from the Puffington Post:

The real question is how to stop this austerity train wreck, and substitute the following:

First: No cuts before jobs are back — until unemployment is down to 5 percent. Until then, the economy needs a boost, not a cut. Consumers — whose spending is 70 percent of the economy — don’t have the money to boost the economy on their own. Their pay is dropping and they’re losing jobs.


Fourth: Cut the budget where the real bloat is. Military spending and corporate welfare. End weapons systems that don’t work and stop wars we shouldn’t be fighting to begin with, and we save over $300 billion a year. Cut corporate welfare — subsidies and special tax breaks going to big agribusiness, big oil, big pharma, and big insurance — and we save another $100 billion.

Do you hear me, Washington? Do these four things and restore jobs and prosperity. Fail to do these, and you’ll make things much, much worse.

Apparently, Bob the Short, got his definition of cuts from the same dictionary from which B.J. Clinton got his definition of sex.    First, Reich starts out ranting that spending cuts are evil but ends up demanding spending cuts. Go figure.

As with all libtards, Reich is only interested in government spending which goes into union paychecks and back out through mandatory union dues into democrat campaign coffers.

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