Buffalo, NY– I’m at the Erie County Medical Center, dropping off some furniture that I picked up at Elkhart IN. A nice little stretch of the legs. I’ll be back at the yard in a few hours and ready for my next adventure. This trip out west is likely a rare event, but I must say I woldn’t mind it happening more often. I’ve been getting a bit tired of New York City. That said I’ll doubtless end up there in the next day or two.

  • Leadership? Which way? I’m convinced, in talking and reading, that there is enough momentum in the rank and file of the GOP… and, after Obama,  many rank and file Democrats, for that matter, to put a real conservative in the White House and in most seats in both houses of Congress. That said,  I’ve also become convinced that the GOP leadership, which has been tilting increasingly to the left for generations now, is our sole roadblock to getting a real conservative in the White House. With the current GOP circles, the party of Reagan has become indistinguishable from the party of Obama. That’s the thing about compromise…. you meet the other fellows demands half way each time. If we meet the Democrats half way every time.. as we’ve been doing mostly since FDR, we end up going to where the Democrats want us, only more slowly. I fail to see a slow death as an advantage. The GOP leadership isn’t listening, still. I feat it may already be too late to save ourselves… which we won’t if we don’t get real conservatives in positions of power. And now.
  • Names?  I don’t know if it’s precisely true or not, but based on what I”ve seen, there must be a “Mud Creek” in every county in the country. Not very imaginative, though in most cases, descriptive.
  • Names and Christmas: We’re getting to that season, again. Christmas. It’s officially, a national holiday. Seems to me though that such a holiday simply will not pass constitutional muster today… particularly as the left reads the constitution…. particularly as regards separation of church and state… which really doesn’t exist in the constitution itself.  But think; Christmas being a national holiday is one of the best examples of how the leftist reading of the constitution is at opposition to what the actual authors of that constitution meant when they wrote it.  It’s interesting…. striking… that while the left and the supposed center will complain loud and long about how far to the right, the GOP has pushed our government and our society… a flat out nutty notion, if the facts be known… they tend to ignore how far to the left they’ve pushed us as a country and as a culture. Christmas is but one aspect of this, but a rather glaring one.  It seems to me that if we’re going to take the seperation thing as seriously as the left wants us to, what they’re really talking about is the removal of religion… of God… from American society.  I wonder; is removing the word “Saint” from all our cities and towns? What, after all, is a “saint” when leftist government gets ahold of it? Other than Obama and Teddy Kennedy, of course.  Are we to remove all religious names from hospitals?  Saint Mary’s here in Rochester. Divine Providence in Williamsport, PA,  Saint Luke’s in KC, and so on.  Look, let’s be honest… the reason this stuff is being pursued is not on constitutional ground at all, but rather because it pisses off small segments of our society who want to change our society… to get America to stop being American. To move away from the culture that made us the great nation we were.   What’s next? Telling the cities of “Columbus” (plural) to change their name because some people don’t like famous film makers? (Oh, yeah, the Italian Captain, too.. I keep forgetting)
  • Names and The Obama Legacy:  There’s a fair amount of blindness demonstrated on the part of the Black voter, daily.  One might even call it racism. Obama has been a bloody disaster by any objective measure, even in terms of advancing the fate of blacks in our cosiety….,and yet he still maintains a fair lead among black voters. A self-destructive thing, perhaps?  This suggests an interesting fate for him in the near future…It strikes me that just about every city in the country has a “Martin Luther King Blvd”. Almost without exception this runs through the worst section of each city.  Ironic, since most people who insisted on honoring his name, had so little in the way of clues about what MLK actually stood for. King, for all his efforts never really overcame poverty in those areas, because the biggest task…. changing the minds of his black followers… he was largely unsuccessful at. Sad, really. The moment he was killed…. people like Jesse Jackson stepped in and reversed what work King had been successful at, there.  I submit that many people will further insult the memory of MLK by insisting that streets in these same areas should be named after Barack Obama.  This seems to me more accurate, than the nods to MLK since it is the Obama philosophy…. which is really Marx in Black face… and which is the philosophy MLK spent his life fighting against…. and which have created the conditions under which people on those streets live.  Personally, I’ve taken to calling such neighborhoods “Obamavilles”.  That said, Poverty isn’t what it used to be, as Bruce points out this morning. Kinda gives a different read on the cries of ‘black poverty’, hmmm?

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