Carteret,NJ– I’m dropping  a load of canned veggies. I’ll camp out for the night, once that’s done. It’s getting colder at night, but thank God my Auxiliary Power unit is working fine. This will be a short week for me; My wife and I got married on 11-11-89.  That makes this Friday, 11-11-11, our 22nd anniversary.  No way we’re not going to celebrate THAT one. So, I’ll be back in Rochester about mid-day on the 11th. It’ll cost me income, but it’s worth it.

  • It’s the Spending, Stupid: Let’s put the demands of the socialist #OWS crowd into some real perspective, shall we?  Supposedly, the big issue with tehse morons is profits by banks.  Sorry, wrong answer. The  fact is that the total 2011 pretax profits of the entire US financial sector stands at $426B. That’s almost enough to fund the federal government for 42 days, given it’s current rate of spending.  Wanna take all those making a profit? Fine. The pretax profits of all private enterprise amounted to $1.88 trillion.  That’s enough to cover the federal government’s spending for almost 5 months.  Nod to David Burge. 
  • Youth gets it: Younger people who have been hit hard by this recession say they favor less spending by a wide margin.
  • But The Dems still don’t get it: Congress is currently talking about farm subsidies in the face of record crop prices. Why?
  • Time for the Holder Frog-March: There’s already a grassroots campaign to get him to resign. But I want justice. I want Holder frog marched out of the White House. And let’s not forget Obama… the man directing him.
  • Hey, Romney supporters: You really want Romney to run against Obama? Bachman nails it:

    We can’t preserve liberty if the choice is between a frugal socialist and an out of control socialist.

    Correct. That’s what you’re asking me to get behind, guys… a socialist. At the ottom line taht’s what Romney is. I won’t do it, and if you love this country you will not either.

  • FIREBOMB THIS, MORONS: I’m with Reynolds on this one.

    French Magazine Publishes Cartoon Of Mohammed, Gets Firebombed. Here’s the cartoon. It’s important that such actions lead to the “offending” speech being seen by more people, rather than fewer. Incentives matter.

    True. And if this offends you, check the measurement of how much I care, posted below.Indeed, if we have people whose religion demands I be killed for not being a part of it, I consider it an honor to offend it’s adherents. Islam is such a religion. Do you understand?



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