Milton, PA– I came down here last night with a load of  green beans and such. They’re unloading me as I write this. It’s cool around here today, but not yet cold, except at night. My truck is running fine.   My internet connectivity is a little screwy as I get used to the new phone. That will pass, I’m sure. Let’s get to it.


  • OWS and Animal Farm:Glenn notes:

    #OCCUPYFAIL: OWS Organizers Occupying Luxury Hotels. “Tents are not for me.”It really is getting more and more like Animal Farm all the time, isn’t it?

    Quite. If there’s anything surprising about this it’s that anybody is surprised.

    I notice over to OTB Joyner is bemoaning the violence now being used occasionally against OWS protesters. I tell him:

    There is a point in time at which civil disobedience becomes criminal.  Force is used against criminals every day of the year. In every kind of country including ours. Why, after months of this nonsense, is anyone… even Greenwald… quite possibly the least honest blogger out there, surprised that violence is finally used here?

    The line that got crossed in this case was a lawful order to disperse that wasn’t followed.  That makes the protesters criminal.  They’ve been pushing this for some time, wanting to become martyrs.
    The bottom line is that’s what the protests are all about. Can’t have publicity without martyrs. They call themselves Martyrs. I call them domestic terrorists.   The Daily Caller has managed somehow to get ahold of the arrest records of some of the people that have been arrested at various OWS cities, end if found that a goodly chunk of them come from rich white families. granted, that it’s not all of them, but a surprising number of these kids are simply spoiled brats.  I’ve seen speculation that there simply trying to assuage their guilt over being born rich.  Where would that come from do you suppose?  I suggest that it comes to to us by way of the politics of hate spilling from the Obama White House, and the SEIU.  What we have here is Obama and the Dems trying to create disorder.  Chaos.  They apparently subscribe to the Friedrich Nietzsche newsletter…. he who said (Arguably) “Out of chaos comes order“.  With them, they hope, at the top of the order. I point again to the brown shirts , who back in the day provided the disorder in German society so that a new order could be swept in.  And the Brown shirts often used this tactic  that we’ve seen more than once in the OWS crowd. UC Davis, one of the most liberal colleges in the country, is now calling for an investigation on all of this.  Frankly, I’m not surprised that they’re not supporting the police in this. But we should be.

  • Supercommittee…. is anyone shocked by the outcome? They shouldn’t be.The Democrats never wanted this deal. They know damned well that the Democrats aren’t going to go along with not going for the class warfare they’;ve been spouting for the last eon. The bottom line is that they wanted something to toss at the Republicans in the coming election. You can’t run against a “do nothing Congress” if it actually did something.
  • EU: WATER DOES NOT HYDRATE Remember, gang, these are the same folks that warned us about “Global Warming”. These are the folks that Obama, along with most of the left, want us to be more like. Flash this in the face of anyone who tells you government is a solution to anything.
  • Near Poor? The New York Times has finally gotten around to admitting that people aren’t doing so well.

    …When the Census Bureau this month released a new measure of poverty, meant to better count disposable income, it began altering the portrait of national need. Perhaps the most startling differences between the old measure and the new involves data the government has not yet published, showing 51 million people with incomes less than 50 percent above the poverty line. That number of Americans is 76 percent higher than the official account, published in September. All told, that places 100 million people — one in three Americans — either in poverty or in the fretful zone just above it.

    Of course all this is “unexpected”. And of course the paper steadfastly refuses to link these numbers to the cause… Leftists like Obama and their policies. But you and I know better. SOS steadfast are they and their support for the left, that instead of actually pinning blame on the perpetrators, they’re down to arguing what and what does not constitute “poor’.   Welcome, dear friends, to hope and change.

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