The Playboy Bunny better known as Gloria Steinem defending B.J. Clinton:

“The truth is that even if the allegations are true, the President is not guilty of sexual harassment. He is accused of having made a gross, dumb and reckless pass at [Kathleen Willey] during a low point in her life. She pushed him away, she said, and it never happened again. In other words, President Clinton took “no” for an answer…”

Hat tip and reax, Political Jack:

So apparently.. it was okay for Clinton to give ‘er a try………and if she said “no” and he backed off and said “okay then”, it was all okey dokey.

I’m not thinking that this thing with Cain rises to even the “one free grope” status, but don’t you libs think that since your Grand Dame Gloria Steinem said a man gets one, Cain should get a pass on whatever lesser thing he did? Unless Cain’s being black takes the freebee


Memo to Jazz Shaw, grow a pair, Hot Air:

I will say right up front that I’ve been disappointed in not only Cain’s supporters, but the candidate himself, for taking a path which certainly does fit the profile of “playing the race card” in the recent sexual harassment stories. Conservatives, after years of being accused by -some – liberals of harboring sub-textual racism when they criticize Obama’s policies, now find themselves leveling similar accusations at Cain’s detractors. It should be enough for us to let the charges be heard and stand or fall on their own merit, or lack thereof. If real wrongdoing is discovered, the candidate will take the hit. If not, he survives what turns out to be a largely political assault.

Herman is not the one who raised the bar on sexual harassment. That was the liberals in their blind defense of B.J. Clinton. Well it is the Twenty First Century and long past time for having one set of sexual standards for liberal white politicians, and another for conservative blacks.


Eric adds:

David is quite correct.

Trust me on this, gang, sex isn’t the issue. The Clintonistas proved that. When they turn up the volume that loud, particularly when the case by any objective measure, is so very weak, their objection is other than the stated.

Jazz, I’m disappointed in you.

You really need to look at this a bit more objectively.  The desperation on the part of the left…. (And I include the establishment GOP in that assessment which would seem to include their house organ, The Politico.) ….is in fact, their survival, and they’re looking around for anything that will float them.   Again, I point to Limbaugh, who for a change has this one spot on:

We cannot have a black Republican running for the office of president. We can’t have one elected. We can’t have an Hispanic.

Rush Limbaugh

The left owns those two groups, and those two groups are gonna forever be minorities. Those groups cannot ever be seen to be self-sufficient or rising above, on their own. Those two groups are owned — lock, stock, and barrel — by the Democrat Party and anything good that happens to any black or Hispanic in American politics can only happen via the Democrat Party. “If it happens elsewhere, we’re gonna destroy those people — a la Clarence Thomas.”

You think I’m wrong about this? Jackie Robinson in the 1960s was denounced. Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, was denounced as an “Uncle Tom” because he supported Republicans in the 1960s. Jackie Robinson. The left, the Democrat Party of the day called Jackie Robinson an Uncle Tom.

This factor Limbaugh points at is the only logical explanation for the frenzy surrounding this thing. The left and the establishment GOP are both downright desperate to clamp down on any real conservative… and particularly, in the case of the left, a conservative who is also a minority.

In the case of the establishment GOP, their narrative cannot withstand a real conservative. Theyd rather offer up Bush and McCain clones. And remember, the establishment GOP was none too excited about Reagan, either. Remember the 1976 primary, people.

Nor, the can left deal with a  real conservative, particularly one from one of the groups Dems pander to. Women for example. .. Witness both their reax to Bachman, Palin. Has anyone seen a collection of anti-woman smears more hateful than what the Dems have come up with against these?  And the establishment GOP who has the same hate for real conservatives as the Democrats, plays along.

Perry, too. The attacks on him have been fairly similar. The man is more conservative than the  establishment GOP or the left wants.

Then along comes Cain, who also gets piled on like the rest, but because the left particularly cannot deal with a black conservative, because their narrative is particularly hurt by a successful black conservative, the smears take on an urgency seldom seen even in recent years. The reason is simple. The meme for years now has been that the only reason we’re against Obama is that he’s black. Along comes Cain, like Clarence Thomas before him and blows that meme out of the water.

Think about it; What happens when Cain gets in and his policies gain support and succeed?

  • It’s hard to charge the GOP with racism.
  • It’s hard to say that Obama’s policies failed because white people wouldn’t support a black guy.
  • It’s harder still not to admit that Obama’s policies failed because they were the wrong way to go.

What troubles me is that so many of the GOP are willing to play along with the leftist Dems on this.


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