I note with some degree of interest with a resurgency  of Newt Gingrich in the early polling for Iowa.  There seems a good deal of objection to his showing up, particularly among the press who like Rick Perry and Herman Cain before him (and Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin before him… ) is now the subject of an  anal exam by the press.

The reason that he’s getting this extraordinary amount of attention from the liberals both in the DNC and the GOP establishment , is that he is both conservative, and he surging in the polls, therefore he is a serious threat to both of the above.    As were these others, of course.   You can always tell who’s leading in the polls by who is getting bashed the most by the establishment GOP and the democrats, whose goals should to most appear to be quite similar these days, more so than should be comfortable for any American.

But why is he surging in the polls?  Frankly,  there’s nobody on the planet that should be surprised that a republican who is a proud competent and confident articulator of conservative principles is going to be at the top or near the top in the polling for the nomination.

So what we see  is a political game of whack- a- mole, where any conservative who dares stick his head out becomes a target.

Notice, however, the one candidate that doesn’t get this kind of examination; Mitt Romney.  The reason is fairly clear; he is the choice of the leftists running the press, and running the establishment GOP, and certainly is the odds on favorite among the democrats.  That last one is clearly because they know that with Romney, like McCain before him the republican base is going to sit on its hands come election day thus guaranteeing Obama another four years.  Put another way, Romney is McCain version two ….or is that Bob Dole version three?

The Republican base is looking for someone who articulates their point of view. THey’ve not found that in the establishment’s choice for the nomination… Romney.  Gingrich for the most part does that pretty well. Romney, meantime has yet to come up with anything approaching a reasonable explanation of Romney care nee Obama care. I strongly suggest to you that nobody who is a true conservative is going to come up with anything of like. I would suggest you also that the majority of republicans see it that way as well, particularly the tea party.

Now I grant, that Gingrich is on record as having supported most of the key aspects of Romney care. Sometime in May of this year, if I’m not mistaken. if I’m not mistaken also, that was the same interview in which he called Paul Ryan’s plan right wing social engineering. There was some hell raised in the press over that, but not among the base.

Obviously, though, there is something about his current state of mind as expressed in his recent interviews and whatnot, that rings true with the American people, at least with the GOP base. So what’s changed?

Clearly Gingrich has learned from these errors. Apparently the lesson  last May was taught well. As a result of that learning process he now articulates the conservative position and is

Newt Gingrich

a bit more controlled in his speech. Certainly, he articulates conservatism better than Romney. Which parenthetically, is why Romney still does not have widespread support among the GOP base. He just doesn’t. Indeed, it has more support among the left,  than he does the base. You would think that would be a clue.

I say again….anyone who has the courage to competently and proudly articulate conservative principles is going to be at the top of the polling. There’s no way around that one.

Before you start…..Am I convinced that Newt deserves the nomination?  Not particularly so.   At least, not yet. I suppose he’s far from the perfect nominee. But I think I should point out that with the exception of Romney and Huntsman, any one of the presidential candidates from the GOP side would be a vast improvement over what we have now. It’s my take the American people see it that way too…


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