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  • Whatever it is, it’s not grass roots: Perhaps it’s time we examine the push behind “Occupy Wall Street”. There’s more clues here than the supposed mainstream press has dug up. For example, the “occupy Wall Street” domain name was registered by “Adbusters” which is a Vancouver based group, who apparently is interested in defeating western Culture.  Who else would call themselves “CultureJammer”?   Wikipedia:

    Adbusters was founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz, a duo of award-winning documentary filmmakers living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since the early 1980s, Lasn had been making films that explored the spiritual and cultural lessons the West could learn from the Japanese experience with capitalism.

    One pictures a 300lb each couple wearing ball caps.

    The foundation describes itself as “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age.”[2]The Adbusters Media Foundation publishes the reader-supported, advertising-free Adbusters, an activist magazine with an international circulation of 120,000[3] devoted to challenging consumerism. Notable past and present contributors to the magazine include Christopher Hedges, Matt Taibbi, Bill McKibben, Jim Munroe, Douglas Rushkoff, Jonathan Barnbrook, David Graeber and others.

    Adbusters has launched numerous international campaigns, including Buy Nothing Day, TV Turnoff Week and Occupy Wall Street, and is known for their “subvertisements” that spoof popular advertisements.

    So, OK, the picture is less than flattering, and what we see here is certainly not one thatmost Americans will support… or even Canadians. But more, there’s some anti-semitism in the mix, as well:

    In March 2004, Adbusters was accused of antisemitism after running an article[31] that alleged many supporters of the Iraq War within the Bush Administration were Jewish. The article questioned why the political implications of this Jewish influence on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East were not a subject of debate.[32]

    In October 2010, Shopper’s Drug Mart pulled Adbusters off of its shelves after a photo montage[33] comparing the Gaza Strip to the Warsaw ghetto was featured in an article critiquing Israel’s embargo of Gaza.[34] Two frequently pro-Israel Canadian organizations, the Canadian Jewish Congress and Honest Reporting Canada, rallied to have the magazine blacklisted from bookstores, accusing Adbusters of trivializing the Holocaust and of antisemitism.[35][36][37] “The argument is obscene, and continues the disgusting tradition of some supporters of the Palestinian cause to turn Jews into Nazis and Palestinians into Jews. In so doing, these propagandists not only demonize Israelis (i.e., Jews), but minimize the murderous extent and intent of [Nazism’s] genocidal project.”[38] Adbusters responded to the charges in an op-ed printed in the National Post, arguing that the charge of antisemitism was being used to silence legitimate criticism of Israeli policies, namely “Israel’s occupation of Palestine.”[39] Adbusters also pointed out that the Canadian Jewish Congress has itself been the target of complaints by Jewish Canadians, including Naomi Klein, who signed an open letter declaring, “We are appalled by recent attempts of prominent Jewish organizations and leading Canadian politicians to silence protest against the State of Israel. We are alarmed by the escalation of fear tactics.”[40] Others[who?] have pointed out that Adbusters was not the first to make the comparison. Some academics, including Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish anti-Zionist political scientist, have also compared Gaza to the Warsaw ghetto.

    The pictures of the Warsaw ghetto were obtained from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum a year and a half before their use and were provided for a one-time use only.[36] When advised of the use, the museum sent Adbusters a cease and desist letter demanding that the photos be immediately removed from Adbusters’ website.[41] It was later discovered that the images used by Adbusters were in the public domain and/or not owned by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The confusion resulted from the fact that the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has pictures on file that they do not own the copyright to, but merely provide access.

    Now, there are many other examples of their anti-jewish bent. Here’s one. And, again.
    So, the question becomes, then, why are the press ignoring the obvious holes in the story line? Well, that, I suppose, is the heart of this sub-post. Limbaugh:

    And of course they’re getting serious treatment from some news organizations. One thing. Note that it is reported they are everywhere, except Washington. They’re in New York, they’re all over the place, but they are staying away from Washington. Why, when they have all these problems with capitalism and so forth, why are they not in Washington where all these decisions are actually made? And the reason is, of course, that they got no problem with what’s going on in Washington with Obama and the Democrats, so they’re going to stay out of there and just spend time in other cities.

    And that’s the first clue. But it gets better. we already discussed over the last few days, the idea that these morons are vocal supporters of Obama. Well, no shock for that. But here’s the thing; the timing involved.

    The left, the supporters of Obama, have been trying… unsuccessfully… to smear the Tea Party for some time now. Apparenly the idea is to try and cast this Adbusters driven thing as a grass roots effort on the part of Obama supporters. Certainly the press has been accommodating that meme because they too dislike the Tea Party because it is in fact a grass roots effort, it’s conservative and apparentlybeyond the ability of the left to control.

    This is an attempt to cast leftists has having grass roots support…. which they simply do not have. (Sigh) As I go to publish, Limbaugh comes up with the same idea:

    RUSH: I don’t think there’s any question, now that I think about it, that the White House is behind Occupy Wall Street. You have unions involved, you have involved. You have the Communist Party USA pushing this thing. There’s no question. I think the idea that this is strategically centered and created to look as though there is an effervescent, spontaneous bubble-up response to the Tea Party is exactly what this is, and that’s why… (interruption) No, it’s not organic at all. It’s manufactured, and that’s why some in the State-Controlled Media are giving it legitimacy. ‘Cause they hate the Tea Party. They hate the Tea Party for a number of reasons. One reason is that it is organic. They hate the Tea Party because there isn’t a leader.
    They hate the Tea Party because they can’t tie it to the Republicans. They hate the Tea Party because they can’t control it. They hate the Tea Party because the Tea Party is large and they had nothing to do with it, they hate it because it’s independent, and they hate it because it’s conservative. They’ve done everything they can to discredit it by insulting the people who are members of the Tea Party — they’re racists and sexist and all this kind of thing — and it’s not working. So this is the latest effort to make it look like the Tea Party’s so hated and so despised that there is this organic, spontaneous combustion of a movement made up of people who just happen to love Barack Obama and want him to be reelected.

    So in short, the whole thing is a political stunt and cannot be taken seriously… anymore than Obama himself can be.

  • SUPPORT GIBSON: I see there’s a rally to support Gibson Guitars, to be held in Nashville. I will guarantee you that this one has far more of grass roots about it than the farce being inflicted upon NYC.
  • There are no green jobs, Barry. The New York Times, even, admits it:

    A $500 million green jobs program at the Department of Labor has so far provided only 15 percent of current participants with jobs, leading the agency’s inspector general to recommend that the bulk of the money be returned to the Treasury.The program, which was funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aims to find employment for almost 80,000 people by providing grants for labor exchange and job training projects. With those grants expiring over the next 15 months, IG officials concluded that the program would fail to come close to that target.

    It’s actually worse than that if you get into the numbers. Most of the jobs were temp jobs, long since having vanished. Only about 1500 people got jobs that lasted longer than 6 months. Typical Obamanomics. Looks impressive until you get into the details. But by then he’s made his political points and has moved on.

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