Glen Cove, NY– I’m out on Long Island. Same ol’ Same Ol’. Buit of rain out here today, but not much. Supposed to be nicer midweek.

My truck is back and repaired. All new drive tires..(8 of ’em) new shocks, brakes, etc. I love it; It handles like a new truck.

  • Missing the obvious: I notice the mega-moron, Rosanne Barr is at it again.  She says we should behead the rich if they don’t give up their wealth.  I mean, name your socialist… Stalin, Mao, Hitler, we’ve heard it all before. What apparently she doesn’t remember, or at least would prefer YOU don’t remember… is that she is far from poor. Should we remove her head? I’ve got news for ya, Rosie… you’re the first one they’ll be coming for after you get them into power.
  • Wall Street:  The Comments of course were intended to show socialist solidarity with the Wall Street protestors. But I wonder if she knows who she’s dealing with? Look at the picture on this article over at OTB. Note the spelling on the signs.  Notice that none of the commentors have mentioned it. Perhaps not having noticed the problem, themselves. Perhaps birds of a feather after all, eh? Look, gang, at the bottom line… Greed doesn’t violate my rights. Theft, which is what these people are demanding, does. (nod to Billy)
  • Rick Perry and the Hunter’s Stone: Hey, so-called main-stream media: Don’t confuse us with exploding debt, joblessness, inflation and the stories about corruption within the Obama administration.  We should be hearing about the painting on the stone. That’s by far more important, right?

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