Dayton, NJ– I’m taking a rest break. From here I’ll head to Queens, NY, Scranton, PA and Albany,NY. Cooler the last few days, and nice driving weather. Missing my wife and kids, though.

  • Banned for having a firm grip on reality: Hank Williams Jr. has been banned from ESPN’s Monday Night Football opener because he compared a golf match between the President and the Speaker of the House as the same as Hitler playing golf with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Always did Like ol Bosephus. But apparently, while comparing Hitler to a Republican is acceptable, (say, Bush, for example) comparing him to a Democrat is not.
  • Another Tax: If you use a debit card, you’ll be paying more. Obama yet again.
  • As If We Didn’t Know This Was coming: Wall Street Protestors urge re-election of Obama. But, let’s put some perspective on this…. have you been watching Twitter? Check out some of the posts by these morons. Idiocy on parade. Why would we NOT expect them to be behind Obama?
  • There’s that word, again: US Factory Orders Fell “Unexpectedly” in August. Look, gang, given the confidence numbers we’re seeing, that’s not unexpectedly at all. Indeed, things getting better would be unexpected. What it is is the White House analysts getting caught trying to put a positive spin on the train wreck that is Obamanomics.  Apparently their efforts to create their own reality are still failing.

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