Corning,NY– I’m dropping a load off and taking a break. From here I’ll run back to Harrisburg and then back into NY again. Kind of a weird week for routing, really. Beautiful day for a drive, though. Crisp fall day, 60 degrees not a cloud in sight.


  • More on “Occupy Wall Street”– I spoke yesterday of the Occupy Wall Street thing. Today I learn that money from George Soros is behind it all. Leaving aside the contradictions inherent in this, much is explained. Nobody should be shocked at all by Soros’s involvement here.  But of course, the press won’t touch this point. You KNOW why.  I  Told you this thing was not grass roots.I’ll tell you this… and mark this well…; I predict violence, next. Take this stuff seriously.  Mostly because that’s how Ernst Rohm’s folks would be doing it about now. And I wonder if any of the nutjobs working as the tools of Soros and the remaining leftists understand the lessons inherent in that comparison. Clue: They’ll come for these morons, next, once their task is complete.
  • Steve Jobs: I note the passing of Steve Jobs at the age of 56.  Odd how his actual life ran directly afoul of his liberal politics. Jobs was, in my view, an example of American exceptionalism. Rand Simburg seems to be of the same mind. So is Billy Beck:

    Jobs’ life is eloquent refutation of recent greasy insinuations that all achievements are equal and belong to the hive..

    Exactly. And think; If the “occupy Wall Street” morons had their way, people like Jobs, and the gains we made by way of people like him, wouldn’t exist.

  • Feminism and the miniskirt: Scott Brown Glad Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Pose Nude . And…Woman Sues Over ‘Miniskirt Mondays’ More proof that feminism was created to give unattractive women better access to the mainstream of society. As if there was ever any doubt.
  • ‘Furious’ mess has Justice in full panic  — and so they should be. This thing will not be over until Holder is frog-marched out of the White House.

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