Herman Cain is on the A team.   The lame streamers needs to stop sending second rate hacks to interview Cain.  Speaking of second rate hacks, CNN’s Candy Crowly to the Herminator, b/k/a Herman Cain, via Joel B. Pollak, Big Journalism::

And I would say to you an unemployment rate for blacks that is far higher-almost six percent higher, seven percent higher than for whites; a percentage of black incarceration in the nation’s prison systems that is far greater; a lack of-and for all of your skills, is there not some luck in that, I want to ask you that-but, you know, there-I would tell you that minorities, especially African-Americans, can name a lot of things that speak to a certain amount of racism that they can still complain about. And so I wonder if you are taking your good fortune and superimposing it over everyone else, when it doesn’t really apply?

Racist liberals, err I repeat myself, believe that all blacks are too dumb  and too lazy to succeed without the help of compassionate liberals like well Crowley.   Hence Crowley contributes Herman Cain considerable success to luck.

Well Herman Cain was lucky.   He was lucky to be admitted to Occidental College, sans merit; Columbia, sans merit; and Harvard Law, sans merit.   Oh that was Dumbo,  b/k/a Barack Obama.   In fact, Dumbo has achieved nothing based on merit.

Whereas, Herman Cain was born to poor but loving parents of an intact black family.   Attended an all black college and rose to become the CEO of Godfathers Pizza.

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