Ann Althouse

I like Professor Althouse’s blog. However to do make to claims to understand the good professor. While I am not certain, of where the professor stands, I do find this two recent posts of her amusing.

Item, gender feminists find that reality does not conform to gender feminist theory:

142 legal secretaries surveyed and not one preferred working with a woman partner.

Why? Lawprof Felice Batlan elicited these comments:

Gender feminists face meet reality and find it refuses to conform to their theories.

Solution, make fiction conform to gender feminist theory:

“Realistic portraits of the women of animated Disney films.”

A Metafilter post with comments like: “I’ve never seen Hercules. Does Megara look that drunk and horny in the movie?”

And: “See these Disney characters? See how they are really gorgeous and skinny but they’re animated? Imagine what they’d look like if they were gorgeous and skinny and looked like very highly photoshopped people instead of cartoons!”

Granted Disney’s portrayal of women is hardly realistic, but then neither is their portrayal of men, children or animal.   Disney is simply not in the business to do realism.

If you can’t get real life to conform to gender feminist theory, then demand it of fiction.

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