From a brain dead Karen Finney, Hill:

In America, women’s lives are expendable. That’s the latest message from the Tea Party Republicans’ war on women. Sound extreme? So does the idea that a woman could be denied a legal procedure that could save her life, not because she or her doctor made the personal, private decision about her healthcare, but because a member of Congress (possibly not even her own representative) said so.

For the seventh time last week, led by Eric Cantor, congressional Republicans (aided and abetted by 15 Democrats) decided that rather than have a vote or serious conversation on job creation, their time was best spent voting on H.R. 358. Having nothing to do with Americans’ most urgent priorities, H.R. 358 does two things: prohibits federal funds from being used toward any healthcare plan that covers abortion care services (despite the fact that that is already law); and permits hospitals to deny a woman a legal medical procedure even if her life is at stake — in other words, letting her die

The purpose and effect on an abortion is to kill a living human being, who is very apt to be a female. If Ms Finney is so intent on saving the lives of women, as she should be, she should stop supporting killing of human beings, to include women, before they are born.

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